Listen these words are true, I’m gonna live it till i die,

There are Rappers and Emcee’s but Jason Hernandez AKA Majestik Originality is a true purveyor of the Hip Hop culture and artist in his own right. Born and raised in New York City this man was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Going through life with emotional and physical struggles in the home with his parents, living through some of this world’s harshest realities doesn’t always paint the most pleasant picture in anyone’s mind but because of all he has endured the artist we call Majestik has come through the muck and risen to the forefront.

The escape which was and still is Hip Hop and its embedded culture till this day releases his mind from its hold and releases what we come to see and hear as his art He is an Emcee/Poet whose pervasive personality and mind bending lyrics jump off pages to create images that can only be compared to those he sought out as inspirations to his craft.

The likes of Hip Hop groups and Emcee’s such as Run DMC, Rakim, The Beastie Boys, Kool Moe Dee, and Slick Rick not only had him fascinated about Hip Hop but compelled him to become a part of the culture which he is now in tuned with. Listening to his music and the sound which he portrays, fans and peers always draw comparisons to him and the late Big Pun. With the classic mid 90’s flow and lyrical barrage which only the staunch enthusiast can appreciate; Majestik makes his craft seem easy to those who hear him but the process to how he got here is another story